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Half time at EeDaPP. The next round starts!

TXS has been working on the EeDaPP project as one of seven European stakeholders for just over a year. This term stands for "Energy efficiency Data Protocol and Portal". The goal is a conceptual description of the technological prerequisites for the establishment of financing of energy efficiency projects with mortgage banks. At the same time, together with the related project EeMAP (Energy efficient Mortgages Action Plan), the aim is to define a standard for such products in order to create transparency between issuers, investors and customers.

The initiative was initiated by EMF-ECBC, the European Association of Mortgage and Pfandbrief Banks. After EeMAP, which involved 42 European mortgage banks in a pilot phase, gathered findings and defined framework conditions for the financial institutions, this information now forms the basis for a corresponding technical implementation. On 24 April 2019, an ECBC Plenary Meeting will take place in Riga (Latvia), with the participation of European politicians and the EU Commission. The meeting will focus on the "Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative" and will bring together the two projects EeMAP and EeDaPP. The results of EeMAP will be presented and the further steps for EeDaPP will be discussed. The resulting results will be published at the end of September 2019 at the EeDaPP conference in Venice and the final phase will begin with the aim of successfully completing the project in February 2020.

The EeDaPP consortium consists of the EMF-ECBC (Belgium), the Universities Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Italy) and Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany) and the companies TXS GmbH (Germany), Hypoport B.V. (Netherlands), CRIF S.P.A. (Italy) and European DataWarehouse GmbH (Germany).

Your contact persons at TXS for this topic are Matthias Neumann and Tim Geißler.

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