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More than 130 customers in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, United States, Canada, China and in other countries trust our innovative and established funding solutions to successfully carry out their funding transactions that amount to more than € 300 billion.

Taking Funding to the Next Level

Having almost 25 years of experience and a successful, market-oriented corporate development, some 100 professional experts work hard to make sure that our products and services will fully, efficiently and on a state-of-the-art technological basis meet any professional and regulatory demand both today and in future.

We measure sustainable success by looking at how satisfied our customers and employees are.

In doing so, we make sure that in our corporate development we are focused on quality, safety, transparency and durability while maintaining a readiness for innovation as basis for a moderate and safe growth to the long-term benefit of our customers.

In the TXS company, our Pfandbrief and securitization specialists are there to help you:


TXS Covered Bonds

We will keep you on track

Any significant changes in legal provisions concerning the product solutions that may have an impact on the daily operations of a Pfandbrief bank are timely picked up by our professional team. Our competent holistic approach to support you is designed to meet any of your requirements.

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TXS Securitization

We will find an answer to any question

We continuously organize modern IT structures and routinely adapt our services to the new technological demands. This enables you to focus on your business.


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Trust Is Our Basis

Behind all our products there are knowledgeable and reliable employees. Their commitment and knowledge make sure that our products and services are continually optimized. We, the management at TXS, do not see ourselves as executives and decision makers, we are rather the moderators and mentors who provide advise and assist our TXS staff of almost one hundred employees. In our professional careers we have experienced how important trust is. Therefore, we trust our employees every day 100 percent. Learn more about what drives us.

“Optimizing business processes through smart digitization.”

Frank Zeidler

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“What I am interested in and what I am driven by are interesting independent people with many ..."

Ulrich Streitenberger

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“Again and again I am excited about securitization – for more than 20 years”

Timo Menzel

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“Participation and trust are fundamental for people to work together.”

Tina Philipp

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"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

Jan Eisenhardt

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“My daily work is all about our customers.”

Michael Kuckartz

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“Speaking the language of the customer.”

Tim Geißler

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“Business information systems is my passion.”

Benjamin Schneidereit

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Learn More about Our History

As early as in 1996, in a joint project between the Deutsche Genossenschafts-Hypothekenbank Hamburg (DG Hyp) and the consulting company agens Consulting GmbH we started digitizing a trustee office that was basically managed manually before. The intention was to switch to a form of electronic processing and calculation of cover as a basis for Pfandbrief issuance. Just a year later the first release went live at DG Hyp. Since then the success story of TXS has been progressing. In the following years many established banks and savings banks became customers of TXS and today we are striving to meet the challenges of our customers every day.

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