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Benjamin Schneidereit

"Using technology to make complexitiy manageable, is what is driving me on a daily basis."

10 years ago I joined TXS as a developer and architect. Since 2014 I have been responsible for the product development within TXS securitization. I started my professional career after a Business Information Systems degree with a midsized consulting company focusing on SAP Banking.

Simultaneously to joining TXS, I kicked-off the design and the development of our securitization solution jointly with SAP in Walldorf, Germany. For me, to understand a problem in detail is always the first step to find its technical solution. In doing so it is important to address the appropriate level of complexity, as “complexity is the enemy of change”.

Together with my team of experienced computer scientists, I’m involved in the continuous technical enhancement of our TXS securitization solution, from understanding the requirements to architecture and coding.

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