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Jan Eisenhardt


Since 2005 part of TXS

I started at what was then banking division and was involved in the development of a sub-ledger accounting. Very soon I had become responsible for parts of a large-scale project for the implementation of SAP components including migration from legacy systems. At the start of my career with TXS I built an independent QA division.
By mid-2009, as head of a division I took over responsibility for the product development in creating, developing and maintaining TXSuite products (Pfandbrief, CAM, MACCS, ...) and since 2018 I have been a member of the Covered Bond executive team.

Having a degree in computer science from the university of Hamburg, I am in charge of technology, digitization and creation of our software products in the executive team. I oversee how our software takes its way to an up-to-date, and also cloud-based product. For me, participative and self-organizing structures are part of modern-style working as is the shift towards platform-based business models.

Jan Eisenhardt ist einer von vielen Experten bei der TXS.
Welche Herausfordernung Sie rund um IT-Lösungen für Pfandbriefmanagment auch haben, wir haben das passende Produkt für Sie.

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