Your specialist for both covered bond and structured finance software solutions

As a specialized software and consulting company in the area of secured funding, we are the software market leader in both Germany and Austria for covered bonds management (“Pfandbrief”) with our product TXSuite, as well as being a leading vendor of structured finance software – SAP Funding Management – that can handle many transaction types, including, but not limited to, ABS, ABCP and RMBS. 

More than 95 customers in Germany and Austria, across Europe, North America and as far as Australia use the software products TXSuite and SAP Funding Management to manage and administer their secured funding business.

In addition, we provide specialist consultancy services to our customers, assisting them with the implementation of our software, thereby optimizing their transactional structuring, administration and controls processes (e.g. funding registers, collateral management and regulatory reporting).

Our customers include German private, cooperative and public savings banks, Raiffeisen state banks, leasing companies and building societies. With over 90 employees and more than 20 years of continual growth and success of our business, TXS is the preferred partner of our customers.


Ulrich Streitenberger

Managing Director

Ulrich Streitenberger has held the position of managing director since 2007, following the consolidation of the companies TXS GmbH and TXS financial products. Prior to this, whilst operating under the name agens Consulting GmbH, Ulrich already held a significant senior role. From 1999, Ulrich was division head of IT Projects (Banks) and in 2005 the then agens management team promoted him to head of the overall management of the company’s then successful business model...


Frank Zeidler

Managing Director

Frank Zeidler has been a Managing Director at TXS GmbH since 2014. When TXS was founded in 2004, Frank began his career there in the SAP software division and was responsible for sales, project implementation and development of the SAP Funding Management product. In 2012, Frank was made Head of Securitization Software with responsibility for SAP Funding Management and TXS Securitization Services.



Jens Klinge
Market Director

Jens Klinge has been with TXS GmbH since 2010. Prior to joining TXS, Jens worked in a number of roles at the Hamburgische Sparkasse (Southern Regional Office), the most senior being his role as Head of Operations.


Wolfgang Krüger
Head of Product Service

Wolfgang Krüger joined TXS in 2005 as a consultant. Since 2010, he has had responsibility for customer and product support for all non SAP products at TXS (EDR, TXSuite). At the beginning of 2012, Wolfgang was made Head of Product Service ...


Michael Kuckartz
Head of German Market

Michael Kuckartz has been Head of German Market at TXS since 2013. After his army officer training and obtaining a degree in business studies, Michael Kuckartz joined agens Consulting GmbH in 2000.


Tina Nadine Lessmann
Head of Austrian Market

Since 2013, Tina Nadine Lessmann has been responsible for the Austrian market at TXS. Following a successful completion of her banking apprenticeship at Deutsche Genossenschafts-Hypothekenbank AG, Tina worked in the areas of credit and securitization.


Timo Menzel
Head of Financial Advisory & Securitization Solutions

Timo Menzel has been Head of Financial Advisory & Securitization Solutions since 2016.

Timo Menzel brings a wealth of banking experience to our Management Team. His career has taken him to Stuttgart, London, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and latterly to Hamburg.


Tina Philipp
Head of Backoffice

Tina Philipp has been the Head of Back Office at TXS since 2014.

Following the completion of her apprenticeship as an office clerk, Tina successfully graduated in 2010 from the Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein with a degree in business administration.


Benjamin Schneidereit
Division Head SAP-Product Development

Benjamin Schneidereit joined TXS in 2004. He was instrumental in developing the SAP software product SAP Funding Management (an OEM product of SAP SE) and over the years has in the name of TXS worked together with SAP on its software development, and as a development and solution architect.


Torsten Tobolt
Head of IT-Solutions

Prior to studying computer science, Torsten was a fighter pilot in the National People’s Army of the German Democratic Republic. After successfully completing his studies, he joined agens Informatik Labor GmbH in 1992 as chief developer and during the years 1998/1999 he worked in parallel as a consultant at Pros Kyberneton GmbH.


Jan Eisenhardt
Head of Product Development

Jan Eisenhardt has been with TXS since 2005. His first role was the setting up of an independent Testing and QA department within TXS. This was followed by management and participation in various TXS implementation projects. Since 2009, he has held the position of Head of Product Development ...


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