The Australian Securitization Market

The financial markets in Australia are among the fastest growing and most sophisticated in the Asia-Pacific region. Over the last number of years, there has been significant growth in the Australian housing market and coupled with this we are seeing increased activity in the Australian Asset-Backed Securities market, particularly in the RMBS and Covered Bond space. (See But the Australian financial markets are now going through a period of unprecedented change that is driven by factors such as globalization, regulatory initiatives and equally as relevant technological innovation and change. TXS sees opportunities in helping Australian financial institutions

and corporates meet technological change and enhance and optimize their funding operational processes. Our end-to-end solution for securitisation, SAP Funding Management is already deployed in Australia. Along with our local partner SAP Australia and as a member of the Australian Securitisation Forum, TXS is committed to increasing its footprint further in the Australian financial marketplace. Our aim is very simple, and it does not differ from any other markets we operate in: meet local audit and regulatory compliance requirements, reduce costs, streamline processes, enable the business to grow and ensure our customers are a strong and sustainable partner for their investors.

Johannes Peeters
Head of Australia und Asia-Pacific

The Securitization Solution SAP FDM 3.0

SAP Funding Management is an end-to-end software solution for securitisation and other asset-backed funding products designed to cover the entire transaction lifecycle including structuring, processing and reporting. At TXS, we have been successful in selling our product worldwide and also providing cloud solutions for securitisation in the German market. Combining the technical and infrastructure capabilities of our local partner, SAP Australia, we are confident that we can provide innovative asset-backed funding solutions to the Australian market.”

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