TXS Pfandbrief Consultancy Services

If your question relates to Pfandbrief business, we have all the answers.

New legal requirements, which substantially concern the product solutions and thereby the operational day-to-day business of banks, are dealt with by our expert team at an early stage.

Our competent and holistic supportive approach is targeted at both our customers directly and our TXS development teams. On the basis of more than a decade of valuable quantitative and qualitative experience we engage early on in discussions for the operational implementation of new requirements within committees of banking associations. We constantly keep an eye on the efficient feasibility and a targeted development of the Pfandbrief IT solutions, involving our customers at an early stage.

Furthermore, our experienced consultants take on the functional interface role to their specialist departments in all typical tasks and questions within the project as part of initial and following software implementations.

The range of services by the TXS consultancy team is complemented by professional training for trustee assistants, treasury, controlling and other departments involved.

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