TXS Financial Advisory

Experience and Competence – we are your partner for all matters relating to securitization.

With many years of experience working with various ABS transactions and different asset classes, we are well positioned to impart knowledge and expertise to our customers. In the course of a project, TXS assumes many roles and supports the customer in many operational issues such as the building of system interfaces (e.g. loan level data that is provided to the European Data Warehouse), specification reports based on the data that is provided and all other wide-ranging questions pertaining to ABS.

Very often originators have extensive requirements in relation to the documentation of processes, investor reporting as well as the need for detailed data analysis, all of which TXS can support. TXS is the link between all parties within a securitization transaction and is a very competent “all round” service partner to the customer providing support in multiple activities all from one source.


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