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We are a team of about 70 colleagues. Diverse, varying in age, culture, professional and technical expertise.
What is important to us: Everyone can contribute his or her expertise to executing our tasks – always committed to reaching our goals together in the end.

We are organized in following divisions:


“Leading as a team”

In the executive team we bring customers, products and markets together and, in doing so, we all contribute our individual skills, experience and strengths. We support our teams in any dimension, working at all levels in partnership with our customers. Our goal is to maintain a sustainable and healthy growth.

Software Developers

“Expertise and enthusiasm for our products”

With some 30 colleagues who have a wide variety of profiles we develop and work on our range of products. We are self-organized and usually work in the Scrum framework: each product is assigned to a cross-functional team comprised of developers, testers and product owners. Pairing helps us throughout all tasks. Each product requires different technical skills to be employed: We use .NET and currently do a lot of programming in SQL, C# and React. Increasingly, the focus is shifting toward the cloud and the use of Microsoft Azure as development and operating platform.

Quality Assurance

“It takes years to get customers’ trust, but only seconds to destroy it.”

Against this backdrop, achieving and maintaining a high level of quality in our processes and products has the highest priority. We have responsibility to our customers and to ourselves. By applying continuous scrutiny and feedback, we are able to optimize our quality, improve processes thus contributing to customer satisfaction.

Product Support

“Single point of contact for professional support”

In any question, issue or request with regard to our products we will be glad to help our customers with our service desk, promptly and easily. Our colleagues make sure that all support requests are handled competently and in the fastest possible way under the provisions of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Customer Areas

“Customer responsibility means to be there for the customer”

We consider ourselves as all-rounders and a single point of contact for our customers in Germany, Austria or other European countries. Any requirements regarding the software? Any support in your projects? Any problem with the IT systems? Any question with regard to funding? Together we will find a solution.

Product Owners

“Product experts & contacts”

Whether you are dealing with a new product or an existing product: the product owners are the people to talk to about anything concerning the product. Both for our customers and for our colleagues at TXS. We take care of our product, manage the various requirements and prioritize the implementation. We work together with the developers in the team and are closely in touch with those who are responsible for customer contact.

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