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TXS Green Bond

Our Sustainability System 

Marking Sustainable Business

In TXS Pfandbrief, securities and collaterals can be classified as “sustainable”, e. g. as “Green Bond” using the sustainability class “Green”. For collaterals, you also can deposit sustainability certificates and energy performance certificates that will serve as proof of sustainability.

Calculating Sustainable Business

Our sustainability module “Green Bond” allows you to further process these data in the form of a net present value calculation for sustainable transactions taking into account more than just the cash flows or shares of the sustainable business transaction.

Reporting in Focus

A separately available sustainability report for the sustainability class “Green” includes, for instance, tables with a classification of assets by the type of certificate, remaining maturity, country, size classes and usage type as well as a key figure for volume-weighted remaining maturity.

Prepared for Anything

This modular enhancement package supports the trend toward sustainable funding strategies, often referred to as “green” or “regional”, and provides a proper reporting for investors, rating agencies and other stakeholders.

TXSuite Product Line

TXS Green Bond is part of the well-known and widely established TXSuite product line so that it can be used in connection with other TXS products and modules.

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