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TXS Pfandbrief

Our certified standard software

A System with Many Benefits

Our standard software TXS Pfandbrief certified under IDW PS 880 is the professional and highly efficient solution designed to control and manage the cover pools of a credit institution. The major features of the software include data quality assurance, cover register, calculation of cover, cover reporting as well as the automated communication with all external stakeholders such as rating agencies or HTT.

Even the basic version of TXS Pfandbrief provides a large number of useful functions.
A continuous monitoring process makes sure that all legal provisions and customer-specific guidelines with regard to each cover pool will be complied with.
TXS Pfandbrief is part of the TXSuite product line and therefore it can be easily used in connection with other TXS products and modules.

Legal Provisions

Even the basic version of TXS Pfandbrief provides many functions and meets all legal requirements with its standard report template.

Automated Processes

With the TXS Pfandbrief you can quickly, precisely and in an automated manner create any legally required report.

Net Present Value Calculation

Implementation of the calculation under the covered bond legal provisions and future-oriented cover pool planning.

Electronic Register Management

TXS Pfandbrief allows to electronically manage the register under Sections 6 and 7 of the Cover Register Statutory Order DeckRegV.

As part of the Pfandbrief management, TXS Pfandbrief supports the following Pfandbrief categories:

  • Mortgage Pfandbrief (PfandBG)
  • Public Pfandbrief  (PfandBG)
  • Ship Pfandbrief  (PfandBG)


In addition, the following types of cover pool are separately available for Austrian customers:

  • Covered bonds
  • Mortgage-backed Pfandbrief
  • Municipal Pfandbrief

TXSuite Product Line

TXS Pfandbrief is part of the well-known and widely established TXSuite product line, a smart software kit of standard and basic refinancing functions, with solutions for cover pool management, user administration and access rights management, configuration, reporting and logging.

The TXSuite product line is developing continuously. And, in doing so, the basic functions are constantly enhanced. A benefit that is improving the entire TXSuite product line.

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