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What is the basic idea of a platform?

A simple example from our neighborhood: Regional fishers sell their fish on the Hamburg fish market. Hobby and professional cooks go there to buy fresh produce. The “market players” earn money by selling their products or get the goods they need. The “platform” would be the owner or the owners of the Hamburg fish market. They own the “setting” which helps the fishers and the customers in trading their goods, though they do not catch any fish. They make money by collecting a stand fee from the fishers or by getting a commission from the sales revenues.

Contemporary, software-based platforms work similarly. There are providers and customers who need a setting in which they can do their business. Platforms create added value due to an easier transaction performance, user experience, transparency and integration.

Our Mission

We support associations, banks and other service providers while they are enhancing their platforms, we jointly develop ideas for new markets and are open to new players in the financial market. In doing so, we also envisage the technologies behind the virtual markets and employ the knowledge we have acquired to advance our software and products toward a new generation in which “Software as a Service” and “Cloud” will be the standard.

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