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Reporting Platform

Simple and Centralized

In co-operation with the DSGV, TXS provides a platform where all Pfandbrief savings banks publish their transparency reports. For this purpose, the relevant data are imported into the system where they can be easily displayed and adjusted by the institutions in a web interface. After the savings banks have cleared the quarterly figures, transparency reports in XLSX, PDF, CSV and XML formats are generated.
Then the reports can be downloaded from the platform and made available to any relevant recipient.

Minimized Effort

This platform helps all parties, involved in the entire process from preparing the data to publishing it, significantly reduce their workload.

Central Management

The historic quarterly periods - going back to 2016 - can be retrieved from a central location.

Simple and Everywhere

Low system requirements: Any current version of a browser will do.

* The current solution is extended and enhanced to become a comprehensive information platform for Pfandbrief issuance in the savings banks industry.

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