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Components for State-of-the-Art Platform Solutions

Disruption of established business models, e. g. disintermediation, specifically, markets as new intermediaries – digitalization penetrates all known value-added chains. Usually, a precondition for this is a software solution that is up to date: Flexible and agile, expandable along the lines of emerging market interests, easily accessible for all players (as a web or mobile solution) and easily integrated with other existing software solutions and services.

TXS is focused on a cloud-based basic architecture that can help us efficiently shape new platform usage worlds, employing our own or third-party standard services. In addition to typical basic services (e. g. authorization), we provide components of our established software solutions as standard services in this architecture (e. g. portfolio management and net present value calculation).

Our DSGV platform is a first successful example for the implementation of this architecture. 

Long-Term Performance

Based on software components of the entire TXS product range that have been optimized for many years of use on the markets.

Up-to-Date Architectures

Based on the state-of-the-art software architectures from the public cloud area with all related and emerging usage opportunities. 


Providing cost-effective and usage-based payment models.

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