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Funding Register

Managing Receivables and Collaterals

Our TXS Funding Register is a standard software program that is both efficient and practical for credit institutions to manage bankruptcy-remote transfer of receivables secured by a land charge to an SPV.
This application provides the entire range of the funding register management from syndicated financing to the Pfandbrief pooling and the mapping of true-sale securitization.

The software provides standardized customer-specific reporting options making sure that data evaluation remains simple and comprehensive.

Streamlined Processes

TXS Funding Register provides legal certainty and support in audits, it allows to streamline processes and is quite convincing due to its numerous useful functions it has to offer.

Paperless Management

TXS Funding Management complies with all requirements pertaining to the electronic paperless management under sections 8 and 9 of the German Funding Register Statutory Order (RefiRegV).

Independent Management

You can both independently manage the funding register for your own funding purposes under section 22a of the German Banking Act (KWG) and manage the funding register for a third party under section 22b of the Banking Act.

TXSuite Product Line

The TXS Funding Register is part of the well-known and widely established TXSuite product line so that it can be used in connection with other TXS products and modules.

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