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Processing and management of credit claims as collateral

Mobilizing Credit Claims

Since 2007 the Deutsche Bundesbank offers credit institutions a refinancing channel called KEV (credit claims submission and management). With KEV credit claims can be used as eligible collaterals for monetary policy operations.

As market leader, we offer with TXS KEV a fast, comprehensive and efficient development of this competitive advantage. Credit claims (non-financial or public sector) are allocated automatically between your banking system and the collateral account of the central bank. Our standard software solution supports all KEV related processes in an audit-proof and automated manner. The integration of TXS KEV into an application landscape / infrastructure is easy and fast. Benefit from an additional crisis-proof liquidity facility.


The most important facts at a glance:

With KEV, illiquid credit claims can be silently ceded to the central bank. Lending values are immediately credited to the known collateral accounts.

In principle, any credit institution domiciled or established in Germany can use the KEV refinancing channel. Cross-border use is generally possible. Use of the bank's own IRBA tool is permitted.

The requirements as a counterparty of the Bundesbank for monetary policy operations must be fulfilled. A collateral account with the Bundesbank is required. The non-marketable assets must meet the Bundesbank's eligibility criteria.

Your benefits

We implement the complete solution with your institute: professionally and securely, it can also be integrated into an existing process.
TXS KEV has many more advantages:  


of refinancing costs


of unused collateral


of long-term refinancing transactions with the ECB

More flexibility

in meeting regulatory requirements


of available refinancing options

Capital market independent

and secure access to liquidity

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