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Comprehensive Solution for Pooling Institutions and Pooling Providers

In the cover pooling business, cover assets eligible for Pfandbrief can be transferred from one credit institution to another (Pfandbrief issuing) credit institution. Depending on the applicable pooling model, the transferring institution receives a commission or liquidity in turn from the pooling provider according to the value of the cover asset.

TXS supports both parties in such transactions with suitable software components to automatically manage the required processes:

  • The institution that is submitting assets is provided a submission workstation and a funding register. The submission workstation is used to initiate the processes of selecting and transferring loans. The registration in the funding register is carried out automatically.
  • For the pooling provider institution, we offer a component that is designed to manage the transferred cover assets: reception, quality management (and continuous monitoring), price calculations, purchase process, continuous pool monitoring, reporting and the transfer procedure to the Pfandbrief management at the end are supported.

All TXS components involved are connected with each other via standard interfaces, all data flow is automated.


Pooling Models

Support for all current technical pooling models (commission, liquidity or a combination).

Full Integration

Full integration with TXS Pfandbrief at the pooling-providing institution.

Process Support

Support for all processes from the submission decision at the transferring institution to the reception of cover assets by the pooling provider.


Continuous monitoring of portfolios transferred.

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