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Professional and Efficient Collateral Management

Optimized and comprehensive collateral allocation management with an audit-proof expert solution for a consistent and targeted utilization of all collaterals available to credit institutions. You get best access to any usage channel, achieve a high level of transparency in collateral utilization and pricing, while the liquidity management is optimized.

Multiple Usage Avoided

TXS CAM prevents prohibited multiple usage initiating competing or alternative eligibility of collaterals for various usage channels instead. Key figures, analysis portfolios, standard and individual reports can be configured for any institution specifically optimizing the funding management.

Increase in Profitability

Individual algorithms for cost-efficient improvement in collateral distribution and impulses for more objectivity in sales management increase the profitability.

A System that Grows

TXS CAM is a system that grows along with the requirements of the regulators and the opportunities on the capital markets. When a credit institution wants to develop new usage channels, they can be created in TXS CAM and then integrated in the processes across several channels of the collateral management.

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