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Reporting, drill down, analyses, interactive presentation: There are various target groups for this, ranging from executive and supervisory board members, bank regulators and rating agencies to investors who want to know exactly what are the assets of the cover pool or the loan pool of a bank.

Therefore, an up-to-date reporting has to be flexible, also for the user who is always confronted with a growing number of requirements from internal and external stakeholders. Our products have always been able to rise to this challenge and with the new generation of TXS Analytics we have further advanced the idea of an agile and up-to-date reporting.

Sustainable reporting?

TXS can do this.
In the “sustainability” discussion TXS plays a significant role, not just in the “Green and Sustainability Reporting” for our customers. We are a stakeholder in the EU project for energy efficient construction that is designed to help Europe meet the enormous challenges in pursuing its climate objectives.

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