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The EU Climate Objectives Project

For a Greener and More Sustainable Future

Energy efficient buildings are sustainable.
Is the financing of construction and renovation of energy efficient buildings sustainable, too? The pan-European project within the framework of Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative (EEMI) aims at facilitating and financing investments in energy efficient buildings and energy-saving renovations to ensure that the future will be greener and more sustainable for all.

TXS and EeDaPP

Since 2017 TSX has been working on the EeDaPP project as one of the seven European stakeholders. The objective is to provide a conceptual description of the technological preconditions for the establishment of financing instruments for energy efficiency measures at mortgage banks. At the same time, together with the sister project EeMAP, standards for such products are defined in order to provide for transparency in the relation between issuers, investors and customers. This initiative includes preparation works for the introduction of a label for energy efficiency for mortgages and for funding.

The Concept

In a consortium TXS is working on a technical concept for a portal for safe placement of data on energy efficient mortgages to generate a “track record” for these measures. The expected impact on the environment by the CO2 emissions saved and a reduced default risk for such financial instruments can thus be reflected and verified.

The Interfaces

TXS supports credit institutions that want to get involved in this initiative in implementing interfaces designed to use and supply data to this portal.

EEMI Consulting

TXS supports credit institutions in analyzing and adapting their data and processes if required in order for them to be able to identify or offer energy efficient mortgages in the portfolio in compliance with the EEMI definition (gap analysis, access to external data sources, EEM label).

The EeDaPP consortium includes EMF-ECBC (Belgium), the Universitäten Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Italien) and the Goethe University of Frankfurt (Germany) and the companies TXS GmbH (Germany), Hypoport B.V. (the Netherlands), CRIF S.P.A. (Italy) and European DataWarehouse GmbH (Germany).

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