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June 2020: TXS Securitzation Services live

As the strategic IT service provider of our partner UniCredit Bank AG, we have today successfully completed another joint project. After an intense structuring phase, the initial purchase of a receivables portfolio of a medium-sized corporate customer of UCB has been completed today. Subsequent purchases will take place on a weekly basis. The portfolio purchased from an Irish special purpose company acts as purchaser in this transaction. Funding of the SPC is provided by the capital markets via the revolving issuance of entity is refinanced on the capital market via the issue of Asset Backed Commercial (ABCP). TXS Securitization Services ensures asset selection and monitoring as well as the reporting required for the capital market refinancing.

  • 30 million EUR ABCP transaction
  • Trade receivables
  • Seller of receivables from Germany and Switzerland
  • Receivables in EUR and CHF
  • Weekly purchase & reporting

The following services are used for this:

  • Application service
  • Processing service
  • Reporting service
  • Servicer Reporting

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