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September 2020: absnext reporting services live!

Reporting for 6 NPL portfolios

Austrian & German consumer claims

Receivables in EUR

Monthly reporting


After Leases, Loans and Trade Receivables we have now started with NPL portfolios. This week we completed the setup project including data migration in time & in budget together with our customer. Subsequently, we created the first reporting for 6 NPL portfolios.


Thanks to our automated processes, our customer can sustainably streamline the previously complex internal workflows and significantly scale its business. This enables growth that was not possible with the customer's previous processes. We are very pleased to participate in this increase in productivity and will soon be able to process significantly more than 6 portfolios; initially we plan to build up to 20 pools.


The following services are planned after the setup is complete:

  • Application service
  • Reporting service
    • Monthly loan reporting

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