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TXS supports Raiffeisen Leasing with its absnext Securitization Services

Raiffeisen Leasing Austria sponsors new Securitization


One of the first Austrian STS-verified Transactions

TXS supports Raiffeisen Leasing with its absnext Securitization Services

After its inaugural ABS transaction in 2016, our longterm client Raiffeisen Leasing has once again successfully come to market with a securitization of a portfolio of leasing assets. TXS is very pleased to be part of the deal team and to support Raiffeisen Leasing during setup and over the lifetime of the transaction with its absnext Securitization Services.

In the context of the transaction, Raiffeisen Leasing generates substantial funding volumes for its new business. Particularly the European Investment Bank (EIB) with EUR 150m Euro as well as the European Investment Fund (EIF) with EUR 50m are providing sizeable volumes. Besides further market partners of Raiffeisen Leasing have participated in the issuance of the SPV ROOF AT S.A.

TXS is providing the following absnext-Services to Raiffeisen Leasing in this context:

  • Application Service
  • Processing Service
  • Reporting Service
    • Investor Reporting
    • ESMA Reporting

For further information please also refer to the linked press releases below: Reaktion auf die Covid-19-Pandemie

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