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Selling the business unit "TXS Securitization"

On 15th April 2023, the business unit "TXS Securitization" was sold by TXS GmbH to BearingPoint GmbH by way of a (partial) business transfer and integrated into the existing business segment BearingPoint Products. This marks the successful conclusion of an intensive and trustful negotiation and due diligence process that started in the fourth quarter of 2022.

With the chosen form of (partial) business transfer, TXS is handing over the entire business segment, including the 11 employees, the clients and the Funding Management and absnext products, to BearingPoint. Accordingly, the buyer will continue and expand the acquired business there on the basis of a similar previously competitive business field.

For TXS GmbH, the sale results in a clear focus on the German, Austrian as well as international Pfandbrief and covered bond business combined and strengthened by the overarching approach of a funding platform based on the software product TXS CAM (Collateral Allocation Management): "We are bundling our competencies in order to adapt our product range to the European market in particular and to distribute our skills and strengths beyond the German-speaking region." Ulrich Streitenberger, managing director and shareholder of TXS GmbH.

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