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– boredom is a foreign word for Antje.

Hey, I am Antje ...

... and somewhat of a bedrock veteran at TXS.

I have been involved in product support since 1999 – and I love my job – even after such a long time! Naturally, by now I am familiar with all TXS products and their numerous features and options, when customers have a request, I often know right away what needs to be done.

Even more so, after I have had a look at the application in practice from user’s perspective. This does make a difference. Though to me the questions and flaws are even trickier when I am not able to give a straightforward answer or provide remedy in a standard-scheme procedure.

This wakes my hunting instinct!

How my day starts

I start my day with a relaxed breakfast before I leave my home for the TXS office at about 7.00 a. m.

I always take the railway or the city train. This is not just because I hate getting stuck in traffic jams. At TXS, we get additional payment to the so-called ProfiTicket for the local public transport.

On the way to the TXS office I take a short walk along the channel. There I enjoy the breeze to blow through my head. Because my head will have a lot to do all day.

8.30 Uhr

Ready to start ...

... with the First & Second Level support for the customers. But my colleagues also like to bother me with a variety of questions.

I am always excited to see what kind of challenges and surprises the day will bring. First, the SaaS application support has to be carried out so that the customer can start its work. To analyze the problems that have been reported, I create a customer environment. To do this, we need to load anonymized data dumps and sometimes run certain scripts. Even the analysis of reports can be quite complicated. But what I enjoy most is personally communicating with customers on the phone.

And the documentation of each step in the procedure is, of course, also part of my work. For that purpose, I have a clearly structured ticket system. Thus, all procedures can be tracked any time.

Work is better in a team

Of course, I am not a mastermind, that’s why I often talk with the other three support colleagues. And if a problem gets very complex, I sometimes call on the respective account manager or a developer. I often reconstruct the flaw that had emerged in the TXS application. I can do this with the user interface or using batch runs. This is how I often can find a good approach.

While doing all this, I keep in touch with the customer to provide information on where we are in that case.

What I really do enjoy is training new colleagues who start working with us. I still remember thinking that I would never be able to learn my job. But with a little help this is no problem at all.

11.45 Uhr

A chat in the kitchen

There is something else that I really love about us: We are very well connected although the number of employees has grown to as many as 100. Everybody knows each other, everyone wants and is allowed to help others. The kitchen is the central meeting point. Any time I go there to get a cup of tea, I come back in good spirit and fully motivated again. The same is true for our big break room.

And you can meet those who can’t get enough from the team in various sports activities initiated by TXS for us as the staff. This is really cool.

Updating is part of the job – TXS support board

Let’s come back to my work again.

At TXS, it is important to be up to date and close to the customer. Therefore, to solve the problems or implement customers’ specifications, support boards are held several times a week. These are meetings where we, interdisciplinary, talk through and discuss such topics, define priorities accordingly and sometimes make plans for the next release. We always learn something new.

Are you curious about how things work with us?

Then have a look at the Job Stories. Here you can virtually look over the shoulder of our staff and walk through a day of work at TXS!

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