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Darauf ist TXS-Software-Entwickler Antonio heiß.


I am Antonio, I am software developer for the Covered Bond division. Actually, I have been working for TXS since fall 2012. First, I started as trainee student working on my integrated bachelor degree in business and computing and then on the master’s degree in computer science. The topic of my master thesis was “Machine Learning in the Finance Sector – Analysis and Optimization of Existing Procedures in Machine Learning with Regard to Forecasting and Interpreting Premature Removal of Collaterals”.

After so much mental work I decided to take some time off and went on a world trip in the fall of 2018. I had just returned home, when TXS took me on board in the summer of 2019.

This is how my day starts

‘The early bird gets the worm’ is hardly my favorite saying. That’s why I am so glad that we have flexible working hours at TXS. I hit the road at about 9.00 a. m. and I love to walk a bit of the way. Then my brain is awake by the time I arrive at work. But, on the other hand, my stomach tells me that I am hungry. Therefore, having arrived at TXS, I often go to the kitchen first where fruits and beverages are available to everyone.

Gegen 10 Uhr

The programming starts

I spend my day basically dealing with the current .NET technologies (for instance with .NET Core and Azure). Just now, together with my team, I am working on a reporting solution that in the long run might replace our existing solution in the standard product. This solution can probably be also used in some other ways.

I work in an open-space office together with the other 10 members of our team. Upon our request, TXS restructured several smaller rooms for that purpose. Thus, we can work even more efficiently, because we are able to exchange information more easily.

TXS is in a state of transition – and I am involved

Our team is really fit and quite agile. This includes daily stand ups, sprints, reviews and retros. Which means: We work together to fill our new corporate vision with life and to determine objectives. In teams that go across several sections. You will hardly find any traditional project management in our company.

This is really something. Especially, when we want to develop ideas and to work on achieving changes by experimenting. Everyone can equally contribute to this.

Any result achieved in our work we pin to our strategy map – the Transition Wall. And everyone can see the findings.

14.00 Uhr

Overcoming difficulties in a team

For me, from the very start, a huge plus at TXS was the fact that so many things are done and discussed in a team. Together we find ideas and solutions that probably nobody would have had working alone. On the other hand, each team member has enough time to deal with various problems in a relaxed setting.

In our section this is very important. Because the greatest challenge for us is not developing programs as such, but to find out what is worth developing for the benefit of our customers. What I enjoy most here is learning new things and solving problems.

Open Fridays on a regular basis

Once a month we have an Open Friday, this a special form of open space. Every employee can participate in this and make his or her contribution or offer a separate slot. And although it is voluntary, I try to participate whenever I can. Because I am really interested in many things that are said and presented in different 50-minute slots.

We work mostly on very specific and technical issues. But there is room for experiments, brainstorming or any leisure-related things. We also had a lot of discussions with regard to the transition we are in. This is, for instance, how our current corporate vision emerged. It is great that, in the end, we are still sitting together to bring the Open Friday to a close with beer and soft drinks.

Relaxing and networking in the break room

When I want to get some rest or distraction, I go to the break room to have lunch or to relax. In this room we have a TV set and a video game console where I regularly play games with my colleagues. Sometimes we even privately come together for gaming in the evening – with chips and Coke.

But we also have meetings in this room. And mob programming. Then we all are sitting around a workstation working on a single issue or solving a problem.

Are you curious about how things work with us?

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Exciting requests, a lot of space for best solutions – boredom is a foreign word for Antje.


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