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Jonas enjoys the modern way of working.

Hi, I am Jonas …

... and in spring 2018 I started at TXS as securitization consultant.

It sounds very special and is certainly not just a regular job. But this term is simply a description for a specialist who works in the securitization business and is quite usual for this sector.

I am also a kind of an account manager who is taking care of project and resource management. And I support customers when they want to turn their assets into liquid cash flows.

I am well on the way ...

... from early in the morning. Weather permitting, I use every opportunity to ride my bike to work. Since I prefer to be fit for the whole day – and for the evening – not just in mind but also physically, I often take advantage of what TXS offers in sports. In early 2019, for instance, I went to a TXS skiing event in Austria with some other colleagues.

Speaking of mind: sometimes it does get challenged when I do some targeted training with the support of TXS. After all, our sector is very dynamic and if you stand still you fall back immediately. It sounds like a nerd speaking. But it is extremely important and I enjoy it so much.

9.00 Uhr

Let’s start the day

The essential part of my work is taking care of transactions. Here I work with the SAP Funding Management. This is a funding platform in which I build our transactions supported by our development colleagues and map all processes related to the topic of covered financing and securitization.

Personal contact is important to me

When I have something to discuss with my customers, I rather do this personally of by phone. But to exchange files, documents, Q&As etc. I use SAP Jam. This communication tool works like Facebook for the company. When exchanging files that we load into the SAP Funding Management in order to process customer data, I always have to make sure to get the right code page. Otherwise our processing of customer data will not be able to start. For the automated creation of reports based on such data I prefer to use Excel macros. Work should be allowed to be so easy.

Brainstorming and discussing together – the daily stand up

Currently, 10 people work in the securitization division – we are a mixed team of consultants, developers and managers.

That means we have to work closely together to keep everyone updated – every day. This is even more so when we are working on introductory projects. But for that purpose, we do not sit together in a meeting room and have a round of talks as you may know from traditional companies, instead we stand around one of our three meeting boards. I think this is really great.

Also, because we daily take a look at the day together with the entire team in a relaxed atmosphere.

Visualizing the most important

The major function of our board meetings lies in talking about the state and the envisaged tasks in different projects. To do this, we write cards and visualize everything clearly on the board. This is how we get new ideas and impulses faster than with digital media or with a simple flip chart – plus we can align everything at the same time.

This is pretty brilliant, though I often get rebuked because my hand writing is not easy to read. On the other hand, colleagues are forced to make some effort to follow. :)

Going on a journey

What I really love about my job: I have the privilege of traveling. Whenever required, I get on a plane or a train and visit my customers in their business location. For me, this is what good customer service means.

But sometimes I also travel in a purely marketing mission and sometimes I go to trade fairs or conferences. I am either an interested visitor or I am representing TXS with other colleagues at a TXS booth. These are most exciting days to me, when ones again my TXS knowledge is required universally.

16 Uhr

Keep everyone up to date – at the start of all set-up projects

We introduce each new set-up project in our division to the entire team.

I am always very enthusiastic about it. Maybe because I love to stand in front of people and do presentations. This is what I enjoy very much. I regularly develop an ambition to explain in clear and easily understandable terms which tasks we should be focusing on and what kind of thoughts we have already exchanged so far. Because only if the customer and the objective of the project are transparent, everyone else will be able to make a constructive contribution.

Are you curious about how things work with us?

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Exciting requests, a lot of space for best solutions – boredom is a foreign word for Antje.


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