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One might think the world is changing faster and faster. Due to digitalization, once established processes are remodeled rapidely. On-premise software solutions as well as internal servicing of transactions are less and less coping with the respective requirements. ABSnext offers you the key to master the manifold challenges and to enter in consultation with the community new grounds or: “the next level”!


The Latest News
Penetration Test of ABSnext successfully c…
TXS Securitization goes Green!
TISAX initial Assessment of TXS GmbH succe…
The Latest News
Penetration Test of ABSnext successfully c…
TXS Securitization goes Green!
TISAX initial Assessment of TXS GmbH succe…

About ABSnext

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Your partner with a digital DNA

We, the TXS specialist, have been supporting and designing the professional and technical change for many years, taking our clients one step further.

What distinguishes us?

  • More than 75 professional experience across multiple industries.
  • Outstanding professional and technical expertise.
  • Knowhow of various large scale projects.
  • Entrepeneurship and pioneering spirit.
  • 50+ successfully closed transactions & onboardings.


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Up to > 200.000 per purchase

processes data lines

More than EUR 5 bn

assets under management

More than 20

transactions currently administered

More than 20


The security of your data is the prerequisite of a trustful cooperation

The trust of our clients and ultimately the success of our business rely upon us processing your sensitive data securely, confidentially and according to the latest rules of the DSGVO. In order to realize our data security goals, we have introduced a information security management system (ISMS). Integral part of this ISMS are a information security agent (ISB) as well as a data protection agent (DSB).

Our security precautions are regularly audited by KPMG according to TISAX. This is a security standard defined by the automotive industry and based on the international standard ISO 27001. Further central ABSnext platform components are TISAX and ISO 27001 audited as well. We are pleased to provide to you the TXS information security guideline as well as the respective current certificates proactively. We regard this as inevitable for a sustainable and secure partnership.

Why ABSnext and securitization as a service?

Because digitisation demands significant requirements with regards to the adaptability of your business. Focus, agility and flexibility are pivotal to remain successful. Therefore, why not using ABSnext and our securitization services for your benefit?


Technical Onboarding

swift & efficient

IT Infrastructure

highly effective & modern


secure & connected

Modular Services

means-tested & combinable

Data Protection

comprehensive & reliable

Information Security

TISAX & DSGVO compliant


economies of scale & decreasing cost

Data Management

shared or private

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