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None of us is as clever as we are all together.

Our team is highly specialized and focused. Lean structured and short ways lead quick decisions, minimal reaction times and flexible solutions. Each one of us contributes its unique experience and manifold talents.

We have organized ourselves in 3 sections:


Destinct responsibilities & close cooperation

Business – operations – technology. This is how we have shaped our responsibilities according to our individual competencies and strengths. Areas where we jointly decide are such as strategy investments or risk management. In case necessary, further bodies of TXS will be involved. As a result, the business disposes of a stable foundation while rapid decisions remain one of our competitive edges.

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Consultants & project manager

Your day-today experts and point of contact

No matter whether in the context of an onboarding or during the regular servicing. Our colleagues are your first point of contact. Each consultant is responsible for a specific portfolio of clients and transactions. This means, they are servicing the deals while at the same time they clarify and document your business requirements. They are also the interface to the development section.


“No can do, no can do!”

This is where our digital core is. Automation, optimization, structural innovation. There is hardly nothing our colleagues wouldn’t successfully tackle. This is due to the joy, to overcome challenges, in-depth knowhow and extensive experience. Combined with modern tools such as canbans, scrum or stand-ups, the result is a real “power-house”.

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