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Two computer scientists and one banker

The TXS Securitization management team has been working together closely and trustfully since 2016.
Customer focus, responsible interaction with human beings & data as well as technological excellence are the drivers behind what we are doing. You wonder, how we work precisely?

The management team shares one big office with all other team-members. This ensures a smooth flow of information, regular interaction and enables each one of them to judge respective questions also in detail. These dialogues as well as the ongoing exchange with our clients and partners produce regularly interesting and thriving ideas. As a matter of fact, in such an environment innovation is more or less preconfigured. Obviously, not every ideas makes it all the way to a MVP (minimum viable product) or becomes ready for the market. Failure is a natural element of the entire process. Thanks to our “quick fail” philosophy, very often the next striking idea comes already around the corner.

Clients and Advisory

Timo Menzel

To know and to understand the challenges of our clients is the centerpiece of my duties here at TXS. To find the right solution and to arrange for the respective execution jointly with my colleagues is its logical continuation. Market presence and cultivating the network with our partners complete my area of responsibility.

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Operation IT Platform

Benjamin Schneidereit

Together with my team of experienced computer scientists, I bear the technical responsibility for the ABSnext platform, from requirements gathering to architecture and code. My main task is to ensure the technical stability of the platform and to increase the level of automation of securitization processes.

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