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The on-premise implementation of a complex securitization software is a demanding undertaking. Will the selected IT-architecture by able to cope with future requirements? Which investment budgets will be needed? How shall the integration with other systems be dealt with? What about tight supply and setup times? Not to mention ensuring data quality and data consistency. Why not opting for a highly specialized and reliable partner with digitization as part of its DNA?

Our TXS securitization services will allow you, to make the best use of your transaction and at the same time focus on the business:

We provide up to date IT structures on an ongoing basis
We adapt our services continuously to new technological requirements
We deal with your various business requirements

Our services at a glance

We offer convincing solutions for the current requirements of a transaction.
Our strong innovation and enhancement capabilities ensure, that this remains a fact also tomorrow.


Your access to ABSnext. Get connected and learn all about the latest market trends

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Become a member of the ABSnext community and choose a secure way of access (2 factor or singe sign on)

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Test us via ABSnext. Our strengths are execution-driven IT and securitization consulting based on longterm market as well as project experience

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You set the business requirements. We configure our systems accordingly. Additionally we provide for hardware and the data computing center (external & certified)

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Get connected – with our platform but also with further service providers

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The potential for disruption of this technology is quite evident.

Explore together with us how DLT & Co might impact the securitization markets

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My ABSnext

You want to have your own area on our platform with your corporate design, possibly also bring your own hardware or data computing center?

In this case, our premium service “My ABSnext” is exactly what you are looking for.

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That’s in our pipeline for you …


Would you like to learn more about our services?

For questions, further information, to arrange an appointment or other topics, please contact, Mr. Timo Menzel.

Timo Menzel
Managing Director/Securitization

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