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Transparency for your stakeholders

Transparency is an indispensable prerequisite for the success of your transaction. However, differing information needs have to be considered. As soon as we are connected and the application has been implemented according to the transactionspecifics on our systems, we provide to you the reports required. Different reports for different stakeholders (originator, investor, regulator, arranger, rating agency, accounting) are obviously not a problem at all.

We deliver your reports

Reliably and secure your stakeholders will be informed due to this service.

Monitoring & surveillance are ensured

Automatically consistency and quality of you data provided will be monitored as well as compliance with triggers and ratios.

Fullfil your regulatory requirements

ECB or ESMA, we are able to fill the respective templates for you and provide them to the respective entity.

  • One time setup & revolving fees

  • Number of reports

  • Number of pages

  • Number of files

Pricing on demand

Your preconditions for the Reporting Service


You set the business requirements. We configure our systems accordingly. Additionally we provide for hardware and the data computing center (external & certified)

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Get connected – with our platform but also with further service providers

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Become a member of the ABSnext community and choose a secure way of access (2 factor or singe sign on)

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Automation is key – this is the case just as for data delivery, processing as well as data retransfer

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What’s the deal about ABSnext?

With ABSnext you get the complex requirments for your deal going. Supported by Securitization as a Service, you manage any deal on a new level. Get connected with market-experts.
One login – many opportunities. This and much more is offered by ABSnext.


Thank you for your interest in TXS and our offers.

For questions, further information, to arrange an appointment or other topics, please contact, Mr. Timo Menzel.

Timo Menzel
Managing Director/Securitization

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