Software to meet your requirements.

TXSuite is the master software offering from the TXS software product suite. It contains a comprehensive and reliable set of software products to meet a variety of customer funding requirements. Specialized applications, such as TXS Pfandbrief, have a broad range of proven functionality that can provide you, the customer, with a reliable software solution, one example being asset pool structuring and management.

The standard functions of our software contain solutions that, among others, can be user-specific, administration rights can be applied, is configurable and reports can be generated and archived.

The functionality of our software also addresses the ever recurring secured funding system needs of our customers: Data flexibility, flexibility of eligibility rules and individual reporting requirements etc.TXSuite has been continually developed and updated over the last 7 years. This means the performance of the basic functionality is always being improved. And it extends to and benefits the rest of the TXSuite product line. Ultimately the user benefits too, seeing the improvements, learning and being trained in the new functionality and thus optimizing their usage of the system.


TXSuite Product Line - 2015:

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