TXS Collateral Allocation Management

A professional approach for complex requirements.

Following the recent global financial crisis, we have seen increased regulation and the posting of collaterals to a funding transaction has now taken on a greater importance.For any transactions you conduct with central banks, trading of repos and securities or even derivatives transactions, you are required to post collateral. And the same is true for Pfandbrief and securitization transactions. Additional regulatory requirements made by the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) on the Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR) or even the level of asset encumbrance have made the need for financial institutions to have strong collateral management even more pressing.

Irrespective of whether the collateral requirements are from a quantitative or qualitative point of view, financial institutions are looking at the associated operational costs and/or consolidating areas so that the data is centralized and visible in one system.

And with reduced costs, you can generate additional income.

Assets become Collaterals:

TXS Collateral Allocation Management –
Centralized control of your collaterals.

TXS Collateral Allocation Management offers you a solution that helps you cope with any operational changes. It reduces both the process and

technical complexity of your tasks and delivers you high flexibility in terms of managing your collateral management needs.

Product features:

Transparency/ability to analyze

  • Automated asset generation and assignment to funding or collateral instruments based on the qualitative and quantative requirements
  • Integrated asset view and transaction type
  • Identifying opportunities for using different funding instruments and collateral



  • Centralized monitoring of the assets being used as collateral
  • The ability to map opportunities side by side
  • Simulating maturity dates and cash flows
  • Ability to optimize selection

  • Status notification to the original source system
  • Removes duplication of work
  • Ongoing monitoring of the eligibility criteria



  • Standard as well as customer specific reporting templates

IT-Infrastructure without TXS Collateral Allocation Management:

Assets are sorted by type and customer in various source systems. Very high

costs to connect all the systems, with several interfaces required. Further work required

in specialized modules to apply the asset to a particular funding type or instrument.


IT-Infrastructure with TXS Collateral Allocation Management:

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