TXS Collateral Quality Management

The comprehensive AddOn for TXS Pfandbrief.

For an innovative Pfandbriefbank, that is already using the TXS Pfandbrief product for your Pfandbrief-Management, you can testify to the huge advantages of this solution. And it gets even better.
Because of the way the system has been configured, it can be optimized even further by implementing the AddOn TXS CQM and provide even more functionality to enhance your Pfandbrief processes.  TXS CQM stands for TXS Collateral Quality Management.

This add-on module is an ideal extension of the TXS Pfandbrief functionality, in order to assist you with the quality of data selection process for the asset pool. The AddOn will assist the customer even further with the identification of assets, an improved reporting of the potential asset pool and a thus higher data quality. Additionally, TXS CQM provides a more meaningful daily overview of the asset pool and any changes made to the pool since the last data update.

TXS CQM – Based on your requirements

In addition to the standard TXS Pfandbrief functionality, TXS CQM offers the following:

Further monitoring of changes to the cover pool:

  • Status summary
  • Overview of the successfully executed transactions and securities
  • Ability to compare data to previous day, and beyond
  • Residual coverage by size of asset classes

Extension of the management and administration of assets not included in the cover pool

  • Management of reasons for non-inclusion
  • Process support

Controlling/Reporting of key figures:

  • Cover pool statistics
  • Principal payments statistics
  • Evaluation of complaints
  • And much more

TXS Pfandbrief without CQM:

TXS Pfandbrief with CQM:

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