TXS Covered Bond Rating

Effective consultancy and efficient product solutions.

Pfandbriefe and Covered Bonds will continue to be issued in the future, owing to the asset quality and the nature of their recourse. In order to maintain an advantage and the demand for continued issuance, using external rating agencies to assess the asset pools is a major differentiator over competitors.


The investor base is becoming more global and as part of their risk management strategy need to make a valid assessment of the assets in the pool. Basel III rules for banks and Solvency II for insurers and pension funds provide for a lowered cost of capital required against issuances with a corresponding covered bond rating.

Holistic TXS service spectrum

TXS supports the customer with well-rounded and an individual focus, gained through years of experience, proven efficient solutions as well as a comprehensive service in assisting with the covered bond rating.

Based on the situation and the individual need of the customer, issuers can either use part or the entire TXS product-/service offering components.

TXS – Holistic support of the ratings activities.

Basic process of the automated TXS Covered Rating:

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