The German Bundesbank provides an IT interface using the TXS KEV tool to allow for the efficient processing of loan submissions (loading of non-collaterals traded in the market into the German Bundesbank collateral list).


TXS KEV is the standard software component that connects the banks loan systems directly with the submission requirements of the German Bundesbank.


TXS KEV Supports

  • All the necessary processes in order to meet the submission requirements of the German Bundesbank:
  • Ongoing checks
  • Submission and removal of loans at the German Bundesbank
  • Updating the relevant loan data at the German Bundesbank
  • A complete technical interface synchronizing all information to and from the German Bundesbank (submission, removal and updating)



TXS KEV offers the following extensive standard functionalities

  • Pre-defined selection criteria of financial instruments for KEV (Eligibility criteria). Customer specific enhancements are possible
  • KEV-specific data validation
  • Up to date compliance with German Bundesbank ratings (ICAS)
  • Data exchange with the German Bundesbank
  • All file types can be used for the KEV-Interface
  • “Four-eyes principal” approvals process prior to exporting data
  • Error messages from the German Bundesbank are shown in the system
  • Disclosure of the financial instrument’s collateral value
  • Automatic monitoring of any relevant changes to the data
  • Message notification status of German Bundesbank debtors to the relevant persons at the Bank; automatically generated



There are two options to integrate TXS KEV into the IT architecture of the bank:

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