TXS Pfandbrief for Savings Banks

When it comes to Pfandbrief business, we always have the right answer.

The German savings banks have been able to successfully overcome the challenges of the last number of years, including the elimination of the federal guarantees or even the global financial crisis. But to preserve the status quo and continue to be successful, the German savings banks have already had to define their future direction. Fast-moving markets, regulatory changes, changing investor behaviour and the activities of competitors have necessitated a solid, broad-based and diversified funding strategy on their part. An important success factor therefore is the time-management of the assets and liabilities.


However, many customers tend to predominantly invest their monies in short-term assets. One possibility to improve the maturity profile is by issuing a Pfandbrief paper – also as a means to secure funding.

For a German savings bank, the issuance of a Pfandbrief paper is easy to do, since it can be secured against public sector mortgage loans. Doing your own issuance of a Pfandbrief paper goes simply hand in hand with the underlying business processes.


Value chain Pfandbrief activities

Full service Pfandbrief offering:
TXS supports the customer throughout the whole transaction lifecycle and all the business processes

TXS – our services at a glance:

  • Quick-Check of existing Pfandbrief capabilities of a savings bank
  • Internal profitability analysis
  • Assistance in applying for the issuance permit as per the German Pfandbrief Act
  • Business processes consulting including management of the cover pool, Pfandbrief management and reporting
  • Consultancy on optimizing the cover pool
  • Consultancy on preparing for and supporting BaFin audits of the cover pool
  • Support the implementation of BelWertV
  • Pfandbrief Management workshops

TXS – Comprehensive Software Functionalities:

  • Covering all legal requirements (PfandBG, DeckRegV, PfandBarwertV)
  • Integrated approach to cover pool and cash flows
  • Lean processes/fully automated replenishment
  • Full support of the processes of the deal trustee
  • Net present value calculation methodology and reporting
  • Automated, standardized Reports; including DSGV-Report (Risk Management per  § 27/§ 28 PfandBG)
  • A complete implementation of the electronic register in compliance with DeckRegV
  • The standard software product TXS Pfandbrief can be connected to core banking systems

Competencies that complement each other

TXS is the strategic partner of Finanz Informatik (FI), who use our TXS Pfandbrief product as an additional product offering when talking to their potential customers about Pfandbrief management.


  • Can be integrated to FI systems using a standard interface -  enabling automated batch jobs
  • Complete service in and by FI
  • Joint support service by both FI and TXS using the hotline

TXS consulting expertise and solutions management:

For more than 20 years, TXS is the leading provider of software, consultancy and services in the area of secured funding and Pfandbrief management.

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