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The modern proven solution to manage funding solutions.

The banking world is going through a period of change and with it also the funding strategies being adopted by financial institutions. In amongst all these changes, the Pfandbrief, which has been used as a successful instrument for over 100 years, has increased in prominence. 

Whereas in the past it was primarily mortgage banks and German state banks that issued the Pfandbrief, now we find more and more funding institutions using the Pfandbrief as a means to fund their collateralized mortgage assets.

Today many funding institutions are adopting a diversified funding mix and the Pfandbrief plays a vital role here. 


The Pfandbrief is a reliable financial instrument which allows an issuer access to the capital markets providing liquidity at attractive terms.

 For all questions about the Pfandbrief, TXS is your partner of choice. Our certified software “TXS Pfandbrief” is the professional and efficient solution to manage and administer asset pools. Today, both in Germany and Austria, more than half of Pfandbrief issuers use our IT solution “TXS Pfandbrief” to manage and process their funding requirements.

TXS Pfandbrief – More than an efficient Pfandbriefmanagement

Legal Provisions:

The basic version of TXS Pfandbrief already provides many functionalities and the standard reporting templates comply with all statutory requirements as they relate to both German and Austrian Pfandbrief legislation. Naturally, it is possible to create and process customer-specific key figures and reports. Ongoing monitoring will ensure that all statutory and customer specific requirements in relation to the cover pool will be complied with.

Automated Processes:

With TXS Pfandbrief you can create and generate all your reporting requirements in a fast, efficient and automated manner. In addition, whenever the data is updated, the changes will be tracked and recorded. We also provide you with user-friendly tools that can configure your existing processes.

Net Present Value Calculation:

Our flexible Net Present Value and Cash Flow calculation engine with its many simulation possibilities enables the statutory Pfandbrief calculations and the structuring of the cover pool.

Operation and Security:

TXS Pfandbrief includes a user friendly, clearly defined and transparent user interface.

Short cuts allow the user to move around the system with ease and all functions are grouped together. It is of course possible to provide a customer with a tailor-made user and administration rights, including security and controls.

Beyond the standard features, TXS offers the customer:

    • Customizable Covered Bond Rating status for S&P, Moody´s and Fitch
    • Bespoke definition and monitoring of the eligibility of the cover pool
    • Bespoke pool and asset key figures
    • Bespoke “Cockpit Key Figures” that are adjustable
    • Ability to create custom specific fields Bespoke reporting

Pfandbrief workflow activities:

TXS Pfandbrief supports the following types of Pfandbrief paper:

  • Mortgage Pfandbrief
  • Public Sector Pfandbrief
  • Ship Pfandbrief
  • Aircraft Pfandbrief.

In addition, the following types of cover pool are specifically available for our Austrian customers:

  • Covered Bonds
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Municipal Pfandbrief

Advantages in detail:

  • Complete implementation of all legal requirements of the Mortgage Bond Act (PfandBG)
  • Certified software with lean and automated processes
  • High auditing standards for the cover pool
  • Extensive cash flow calculation methodology
  • Can be specifically tailored to customer requirements
  • Can be upgraded

Pfandbrief capability without any shortcuts:
A software solution, implementation and support all from one source

    • Analysis of the business, technical and organizational framework
    • Consistent support with the application of the Pfandbrief licence
    • Full support with the implementation and application of all legal requirements; e. g. the collateral values regulation (BelWertV)
    • Expert knowledge on the subject of the Pfandbrief rating
    • Support with setting up and delivering internal and external reporting
    • Support in preparing for the cover pool audit by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin)
    • An innovative and thorough service and support provided to the user

TXS Pfandbrief is a pre-configured software with which you can quickly and efficiently meet the requirements of the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

TXS Pfandbrief is also available in an English version.

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