TXS Funding Register

Your solution to protect the transfer of assets against insolvency.

Use our innovative transfer process and fund efficiently: the TXS Funding Register.

Previously it was only possible for the transfer of assets to an SPV to be bankruptcy-remote, if both the assets and collateral were transferred. In 2005,    §§ 22a – 22o of the German Banking Act was updated so that the funding register was an additional and simpler way of funding. As the security on the assets in the funding register are now held in trust and are bankruptcy-remote, it is no longer necessary to spend an inordinate amount of time on transferring, for example, land charges as part of the funding processes.



As a specialist and market leader in funding software, TXS’s Funding Register product has provided financial institutions with an efficient and equally practical IT solution. The TXS Funding Register allows customers to manage their transactions optimally, since our software solution is legally accredited, streamlines the business processes and provides other functionalities.

TXS Funding Register is part of the TXS product line and can therefore be used together with other TXS products, such as TXS Pfandbrief, TXS Securitization or other TXS modules.

A software solution for the entire funding register:

  • Syndication

You can perform any number of syndication transactions and for each participant’s portion you can protect their collateral from insolvency.

  • Pfandbrief Pooling

As a financial institution you can use our Pfandbrief asset pooling model to move or sell assets to a mortgage bank.

  • True-Sale-Securitization

Sell assets to investors by way of a true sale securitization using a bankruptcy-remote Special Purpose Vehicle.

Other features

Flexible: can be used for different operational purposes

In accordance with § 22a of the German Banking Act, the TXS Funding Register can be managed for a company’s own funded assets or assets of a third party as contained in § 22b of the German Banking Act.

Paperless: all electronic 

TXS Funding Register is an accredited solution that complies with all the requirements of §§ 8 and 9 of the Funding Register Regulation (RefiRegV). The data will be transferred by electronic interface into the warehouse, but it can also be manually input or imported by file transfer.
Furthermore, the TXS Funding Register is updated on a daily basis and provides extensive data required to manage the Register and produce reports for internal and external use.

Legally compliant: Information produced as legally required

All mandatory legal information to be produced is configured and maintained in the TXS Funding Register.

Tailored to your needs: high degree of automation and user-defined

The application will be configured based on the specification provided by the customer. For example entries into the funding register can either be entered manually or more efficiently by way of an automated upload, thereby reducing the need for manual intervention.

Strong controls: both internal and external audit compliant

Any changes to the register are recorded in the system and it is possible at any time to produce a report, detailing all system changes. The report will show when the change was made and the user who made the change.



Legally compliant:

  • System complies with all legal requirements
  • Automated registrar reports (per RefiRegV-standard)
  • Funding register audit trail
  • Quality of system and processes meet both internal and external audit specifications

  • Extensive standard reporting and user-specific individual reports

High data quality:

  • Daily check of the data quality using defined rules and controls
  • Definition of individual criteria
  • Automated asset status sent to the original source system
Lean processes: 

  • Efficient workflows to support the administrator
  • Monitoring functionality to ensure quality assurance
  • High degree of automation for all in- and outputs
  • Transparency on all in- and outflows of funding register entries
  • The possibility to make interactive changes to the funding register in the event of data discrepancies

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