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TXS - a company and
its history


Founding of vdpConsulting AG

Demand for secure collateralised refinancing in the form of coverd bonds and ABS securitisations continues to be strong. Against this background, TXS has succeeded in acquiring 6 new customers (private banks, savings banks, building societies, cooperative banks) for the TXS Pfandbrief product, 2 new customers for the SAP Funding Management product and 1 new customer for securitization services. In addition, a strategic arranger partner was won for the expansion of TXS securitization services from the current asset classes of leasing and loans to the asset class of trade receivables of corporate customers. In total, TXS will be supporting more than 105 customers with software, services and advice on refinancing by the end of 2017. In the summer of 2017 TXS founded vdpConsulting AG together with the Association of German Pfandbrief Banks and Mr. Crimmann. The aim is to bring together and gradually expand the specialist and strategic consulting business relating to real estate financing & refinancing via Pfandbriefe for the benefit of banks, building societies and other financial service providers for real estate financing. We were able to win Mr. Michael Schnüttgen and Mr. Reiner Lux as members of the Management Board, who together will build up the new specialist consulting company in an entrepreneurial manner.


The financial market crisis is causing major changes

As a consequence of the global financial crisis, the banks funding requirements changed dramatically. Secured funding pledged by collaterals took on a more significant meaning. At the beginning of 2011, following a number of workshops and roundtable discussions with a number of their customers as well as other market players, TXS produced a paper on the topic of collateral management. The paper identified an increased need for an IT solution to address collateral structuring and management as well as a feasibility study by TXS to developing the new product. At the 7th TXS Pfandbrief Conference in early December 2011, TXS announced the launch of a new product development under the title “TXS CAM – Collateral Allocation Management“. A first release will be completed and implemented with customers in the summer of 2012. Also in 2011, TXS acquired another 10 new customers for the TXS Pfandbrief product, of which 4 came from Austria. In total we have now 48 customers across Germany and Austria who use the TXS Pfandbrief software solution.




The modern IT platform for securitisation

The TXSuite Release 1 for RMBS-securitization transactions provides the marketplace with a modern and flexible IT platform for securitizations. Another 4 banks acquired the EDR product. The customer base now comprises 24 names. TXS financial products GmbH becomes SAP OEM Partner providing secured funding solutions within the SAP Banking Suite.


Foundation of TXS financial products GmbH.

agens decides to expand its business model as a software provider in the area of Pfandbrief to being a software provider for securitization transactions. Consequently, DG HYP and agens founded TXS financial products GmbH. The stated aim was to make TXS financial products a leading IT solutions provider for Pfandbrief, securitization and optimizing existing funding processes. To be able to achieve this goal, the strategic decision was made to invest in the development of TXSuite as a securitization platform, with the initial focus on the structuring processes.



The electronic cover note (EDR) is created

The Deutsche Genossenschafts-Hypothekenbank Hamburg (DG HYP) and the consultancy firm agens Consulting GmbH (agens) which is based in Ellerau/Hamburg begin a software development project with the stated aim,  to remove the many manual processes, making them more automated and introduce an asset pool tool called elektronische Deckungsrechnung (EDR) that can be used by institutions issuing Pfandbrief paper.

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