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Ulrich Streitenberger

“What I am interested in and what I am driven by are interesting independent people with many different skills and characters, both in our mid-size company and in the companies of our customers, bringing together state-of-the-art software technologies and their shaping architectures and exciting complex bank-specific topics such as Pfandbrief and securitization in such a way that great, safe and sustainable products can be developed and operated for our customers on this foundation.”

It all started with the agens Consulting GmbH

I left school in 1985 and got a vocational training as IT technician before enrolling at the university in Hamburg, Germany to get a degree in computer science with a major focus on software engineering and object-oriented modeling. Upon graduation from university I started my career as junior consultant at agens Consulting GmbH in Ellerau-Hamburg in 1995 working as methodically-oriented “mediator” between the professional topics of banking and insurance and their digitization in suitable software products and application environments. After a successful consulting career in major bank IT projects, in 1997 I started to gradually assume project manager roles and later the overall responsibility for the management of large-scale IT projects.

In 2005, the agens Consulting management asked me to change to the business model jointly created in 1995 by agens and DG HYP as TXS for the development, maintenance and implementation of a software product for Pfandbrief management and to help there, based on a project and consultancy oriented teams, to build a professional software firm that would be able to satisfy customer demand, that had been growing fast since 2004, by designing new software and establishing efficient service processes. In 2007 I was appointed to the executive board, and in 2010 in a management buyout transaction together with Klaus Leitner (TERZO) and DG HYP (today: DZ HYP) I also became one of the TXS shareholders.

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