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Association of German Pfandbrief Banks (vdp)

The “Association of German Pfandbrief Banks” (Verband deutscher Pfandbriefbanken, vdp) is one of the five major associations that represent the German banking industry. It represents the most significant suppliers of capital for housing and commercial construction as well as for the government and its institutions. The Pfandbrief as traditional funding instrument of the Pfandbrief banks is one of the largest segments in the European bond market. The most crucial reason for the success of the Pfandbrief is its standardization, transparency and liquidity in addition to the high level of security. The flawless credit history of the Pfandbrief has earned a reputation with investors and has a lasting impact on its significance for Germany as financial market. In times of crises, in particular, it has proven to be a solid financing instrument to secure a stable funding for the issuers any time. The vdp association represents any Pfandbrief-related interest of its member institutions before lawmakers, regulators, rating agencies and other market players. It assumes this function on all levels of politics and its executing bodies – both nationally and internationally. It provides a wide range of services to Pfandbrief issuers from all three pillars of the credit industry, thus ensuring an efficient way of interest representation with regard to all Pfandbrief-related issues including any of the underlying business areas. TXS is member of the vdp, as are most of our customers. Together with the vdp association we discuss any new regulatory provisions, market-specific changes and requirements and include any findings resulting from this into the development of our TXS Pfandbrief product line. TXS and vdp have a joint daughter company: vdpConsulting.

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The “German Savings Bank Association” (Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband e. V., DSGV) represents the interests of savings banks, state bank groups, the DekaBank and other financial service providers in Germany. The DSGV association organizes the policy forming in the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and its market and operational strategy orientation – including product development and handling, risk management, overall bank management, card and payment transactions as well as approach to consulting for all customer segments. In addition, the DSGV association manages the security reserves of the Landesbanken and Girozentralen and the security funds of the Landesbausparkassen which are part of the bank-related protection system approved under the Law on Deposit Insurance. TXS is software supplier for most German Pfandbrief savings banks, and as DSGV contractual partner we develop and service the relevant platforms for all data related to the Pfandbrief business. In doing so, DSGV acts as professional consultant in enhancing our range of services and software.

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The “European Mortgage Federation” (EMF) was founded in 1967 and represents the European mortgage industry on the European level. The overall objective of EMF is to make sure that the citizens in the EU will have a sustainable housing market. Therefore, this federation is the most important partner who talks to the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the EU, the European Banking Supervisors, the European Central Bank and the Basel Committee for Bank Supervision with regard to all issues the mortgage industry has. The “European Covered Bond Council” (ECBC) is the platform where market players for covered bonds come together, including issuers of covered bonds, analysts, investment bankers, rating agencies and a wide variety of other interested stakeholders. With its 120 members, TXS being one of them, the ECBC represents over 95 percent of the covered bond issuers in the EU. The objective of ECBC is to represent and facilitate the interests of covered bond market players internationally. The main objective is to be the point of reference for any matters related to the covered bond industry and act as a think tank as well as a lobby and networking platform for covered bond market players. TXS is member of the ECBC and in this capacity a stakeholder in the “Energy Efficient Mortgage Initiative” (EEMI) “EdDaPP”.

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Within the “Energy Efficient Mortgage Initiative” (EEMI) under the leadership of EMF-ECBC the “Energy Efficiency Data Protocol and Portal” (EeDaPP) has been created. Together with the partners Ca' Foscari University of Venice, CRIF, European Data Warehouse, Hypoport and SAFE Goethe University of Frankfurt, TXS is developing a protocol for the registration of data on energy efficient real estates in Europe. Access to data is provided through a joint, central portal. Thus, such assets can be assigned to a specific purpose of issuing energy-efficient bonds to achieve the climate objectives of the EU.

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Finanz Informatik

Finanz Informatik is based in Frankfurt am Main and is an IT service provider of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe in Germany. Their customers include savings banks, six Landesbanken, the DekaBank, eight Landesbausparkassen, public insurance companies and other companies of the Sparkassen- Finanzgruppe and the financial industry. Finanz Informatik provides a complete range of services – from developing applications to the operation of infrastructure and data centers to consulting, training and support. With OSPlus the company today provides one of the leading overall banking systems for the German market. Finanz Informatik provides services for 117 million bank accounts. The computers and systems perform 123 billion technical transactions annually. The company employs some 3,600 people, its sales revenues together with all daughter companies amounted to 1.9 billion euro. TXS is a strategic partner and an integral part in the range of Finanz Informatik products for the German savings banks to issue their own Pfandbrief.

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The gbs emerged in 2010 as a joint venture of what was then GAD eG and the apoBank (German bank for pharmacists and doctors). From the very start gbs took over major services provided to some 200 applications of the apoBank. The range of applications includes a variety of systems such as sales portals, security trading systems and systems for Pfandbrief management. Over the years, gbs was able to establish a reputation as a specialist for migrations in small and large-scale projects while steadily increasing its scope of services offered. By now, its business has become based on the core areas of IT migration/IT transformation, system integration and development, application management and consulting/IT consulting. TXS works together with gbs for customers from the cooperative banking sector, including introductory, migration and release change projects.

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msgGillardon AG is an independent subsidiary of the msg group of companies that is acting internationally and independently worldwide. Being a software and consultancy company for the banking industry, msgGillardon provides business consulting, standard and individual product development as well as system integration – all from a single source – successfully implementing projects of any size in data centers and financial service providers by employing its long-standing IT and industry skills. With its recognized expertise in areas such as strategy & business models, finance, risk & compliance, capital markets, payments and digital transformation & IT, msgGillardon supports the stability and sustainability of banks and helps them optimize their business success. Together with msgGillardon, TXS develops software and products in the area of liquidity control for banks such as “thincam”. In doing so, products of both companies are combined to create added value for the customer.

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E&P Beratung GmbH

E&P Beratung GmbH is a consulting company specialized in agile implementation of innovative solutions in the financial services segment. The core competence of the company lies in the treasury management. Its key to success is the provision of practical solutions that are based on many years of user experience. TXS cooperates with E&P in the field of KEV/MACCs providing consulting services in liquidity management to multiple German banks.

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“Capveriant” is an open and independent financial platform for the public sector to bring together loan requests by public borrowers and investment offers by institutional loan providers. Behind Capveriant stands the pbb Deutsche Pfandbriefbank which is a leading European bank specialized in financing commercial properties in Europe and the United States as well as public infrastructure.

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SAP SE has chosen TXS as its strategic partner (OEM) to create a solution for covered funding in the SAP standard. TXS is responsible for the development and technical orientation of the SAP Funding Management component (SAP FDM).

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TXS is an active member in the TSI partnerplus program. TSI is committed to developing the German securitization market. Another objective is the establishment of a brand for German securitization transactions with a high standard regarding transparency, investor information and market making.

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vdpConsulting AG

Since 2017 vdpConsulting AG has been a joint venture of the main shareholders Verband deutscher Pfandbriefbanken e.V. (vdp) and der TXS GmbH as well as the co-founder and shareholder Wolfgang Crimmann. This company provides consulting services and coaching for the entire chain of processes in the real estate financing business focusing on “earnings”, “risk” and “regulation” for a stable and acceptable execution of regulatory provisions – also in context of Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR), minimum requirements for risk management (MaRisk), Pfandbrief Act (PfandBG) and lending values ordinance (BelWertV). The services vdpConsulting provides are directed at both the credit institutions that are Pfandbrief issuers and to credit institutions that want to acquire a Pfandbrief license. Its approach to consulting is based on cost-saving coaching with the objective of reconciling the major points of focus – earnings, risk and regulation – in the process of real estate financing. For more information please refer to the website of vdpConsulting AG.

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