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Our promise to you

The trust of our customers and ultimately our business success are based on the fact that we:

Protect our business secrets

Maintain the confidentiality of our clients' data

Safely deliver stable software products

Adhere to the legal requirements and here not least the data protection laws (compliance)

Ensure the safe and stable operation of our platforms

Complete our projects and services within the promised time (SLAs)

Against this backdrop, the business success of our company depends on our ability to recognise existing risks to the aforementioned goals, to avoid or mitigate them through appropriate measures, and to deal with remaining risks appropriately.

The risks include incomplete or incorrect compliance with legal requirements, the violation of our customers' requirements due to system failure, data loss, unauthorised disclosure of information as well as the unauthorised and possibly unnoticed disclosure of trade secrets.

This is what information and data security means to us

The overall information security level of TXS is classified as high. This classification is based on the fact that, on the one hand, all essential functions and tasks are supported by information technology and a failure of information systems must not impair the fulfilment of tasks and, on the other hand, personal or person-related data is processed in some organisational units (commissioned data processing).
Against the background of external and internal requirements, but above all the security requirements of our customers, information security must be an integral part of our corporate culture.

Every employee must be aware of the importance and necessity of information security for TXS, its customers and partners, follow the relevant rules and regulations within the company and be aware of the fundamental impact of risks on the success of the business.

Our standard

The management actively and fully supports the security organisation and the security process.

Our company follows the VDA-ISA TISAX model for information security, which is based on the ISO 27001 standard, and has implemented, audits and regularly certifies an information security management system (ISMS).

Every employee is obliged to observe and comply with the general security guidelines as well as those applicable to the respective workplace.

Our guideline on information security is available here.

Do you have any questions or would you like more information?

Claudia Dethloff-Obermann will be happy to answer your questions about our information security.

Claudia Dethloff-Obermann
Information Security Officer/Backoffice

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