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afme Finance for Europe

More than 300 decision-takers came together for this conference to present latest trends, innovation and technologies in the context of capital markets. Associated with this were intense discussions, how politics may support the relevant processes by setting the appropriate framework.

Amongst others, representatives of the French treasury, Banque de France, BaFIN, Google Cloud or OECD provided an insight, how the use of new technolgies drives market changes and what ths implies with regards to regulation.

Significant questions beeing discussed were for example

  • Turning Disruption to your Advantage: The Investment Bank of the Future
  • Making Digital Transformation a Reality in Capital Markets
  • Building an Industry Approach for Achieving Operational Resilience
  • AI, Use Cases and the Regulatory Implications

For TXS the following questions have particular relevance and will be tackled by us going forward:

  • How to become digital to the core?
  • How to turn data data piles into data gold?
  • How to address operational resilience?

TXS GmbH is a TSI Partnerplus regularly getting involved by means of sponsoring conferences and other events for the benefit of the securitization market. In doing so, TXS seeks to contribute to the further promotion of the German and European asset based finance markets and is willing to pro-actively accompany its further development and enhancement.

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