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EeDaPP in the final phase!

With the completion of the technical concept, the EeDaPP (Energy efficient Data Protocol and Portal) project enters its final phase. After more than two years, during which the international project team consisting of the companies CRIF (Italy), Hypoport (Netherlands), European DataWarehouse and TXS (both Germany), the coordinator EMF-ECBC (Belgium) and the universities Goethe, University of Frankfurt with the institute SAFE (Germany) and Ca'Foscari Venice (Italy), the design of a data template for energy efficient loans and the conception of a portal for recording, processing and provision for analysis is practically completed.

The project has been followed very closely by the client, the EU Commission, from the very beginning and each interim result is extensively commented on. The client has already indicated that the project is a success and will be an essential part of the "Green Deal". The portal is designed to collect data until 2050 and will conduct a comprehensive analysis of this data over the period. The last module, the mathematical analysis models, which will be developed by the data experts of CRIF and the universities and will be completed in August, will complete the range of concepts.

Currently, the votes for the implementation of the portal described in the conception are taking place. The aim is to provide a Europe-wide portal where all interested banks can provide data to those who wish to analyse their own portfolio and at the same time label their own portfolio with a green label, which will be developed in parallel by the EMF-ECBC and linked to the portal. TXS will also play a decisive role here with regard to the technical implementation.

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